Kids Dance Classes Are Fun for Every Kid

We all know, as parents and as teachers, that kids learn best if they are having fun while doing it. What better way to have a lot of fun than to show them the joys of dance? We strive to ensure that kids dance classes are fun for every kid and it begins when kids are about 3.5-years old and up.

These dance classes will not take up every spare minute of your time. Our classes are scheduled weekly so that kids can still do other things if they want to. This is something that many parents appreciate. On average, classes will last about one hour on that day.

When your child takes part in dance, they will have fun. The youngest kids will be able to play their way toward learning to dance. Skills include improving their balance, becoming more flexible, and gaining confidence in themselves. As they advance in their skills, they will learn dance moves that are designed to challenge them, while ensuring they are not pushed too hard. Our goal is never to cause pain or injury.

Older kids, with a higher skill set, will be challenged more. The goal is to always present them with a challenge as they master the skills for their chosen dance style, whether it is tap dancing, jazz, ballet, Acro dance, or contemporary. Some kids may even choose to try their hand at several different dance styles to find the one that brings them the most joy. More information about us are available at

Parents also gain by having their kids in dance. They know that they are encouraging active kids, which is ideal considering most kids in today’s world want to sit with their phones and other devices. Kids don’t get out and learn the skills that they need. They don’t stay physically fit and coordinated. We strive to change it and parents embrace the change.

As a bonus for parents, they will know that their kids are in a safe environment when they come to our dance classes. They will be aware that their child is safer here than in other types of dance classes for kids because we do not ever push beyond what that child is capable of.
Our hope is that you are ready to enroll your child and that your child gains a love of dance like so many others have. Which kids dance classes are you considering? We will be happy to get everything set up for your child.

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